This responsive digital platform aims to integrate family-centered care into diabetes management. By demystifying the illness for young patients and encouraging parents to provide the appropriate type of care and support, hi.lo empowers young patients to take charge of their own health. 


Lead Designer + Researcher



2020 ECUAA Graduation Award
for Community Engagement

September 2019 - May 2020

Featured Interview

Check out this interview about my project and my observations about design in healthcare: 

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Understand the needs of
the patients and their families

Through online discussions, interviews and podcasts, I identify the pain points of the individuals involved in the management of the child’s health


Employ participatory design methods

By working with individuals who were diagnosed with diabetes as children, and their caretakers I was able to understand their lived experiences


Integrate research findings
into the digital platform

Using the insights from the research process, I formulate a set of values to base the UI off of. These values helped me make my design choices  

Research Process

Secondary Research

To start off, I looked into existing research material. The list of resources comprises mostly of academic studies, podcasts, and online discussions. Using the information we gathered from these sources, we created maps that reflected our understanding.


Online Communities
Online Communities

Patient Experience
Patient Experience



Primary Research

I wanted to learn and practice some participatory design methods in this project. This was a great way to get the users involved and understand their perspective, experience and needs. For this process, I primarily involved individuals who were diagnosed with diabetes as children.

Culture Probe
Culture Probe

Probe Findings
Probe Findings

Case Study
Case Study

Culture Probe
Culture Probe



To sum up my research, I used short and digestible values that I would implement into my design. This is a way of synthesizing that I found to be accessible for me as the designer, as well as for my audience.


Redefine “child-friendly” content

Instead of patronizing cartoons and characters, employ accessible and engaging visuals.


Put the child in the middle of their own health journey

Let them be the main participant in their diabetes management.


Promote engagement in the diabetes community

Forming a community allows child patients to know they are not alone and parents to share their tips and advices.