An Augmented Reality Experience


Diagram 1

Diagram 2

This is when it started to come together. I would realize later that the text displayed underneath the Hiro Marker would not make sense in a real environment.

I built a mini city that functions as a simulation to demonstrate the functionality of the AR. 

This is where the project currently sits. The text is above the pile of water bottles. If this were to be realized, the arithmetics would have to be done for the AR to be accurate. 




Making Impact with Augmented Reality was a very eye-opening experience. Discovering all the possibilities of AR made me realize the potential change that technology can bring. I was really inspired by my peers and all their amazing projects. I appreciate everyone’s generosity with their code and their learnings. It was nice to troubleshoot together as a team. The biggest takeaway from the AR assignment is the importance of furthering each other one step at a time.