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Exploring the Importance 

of Sense of Belonging 

Design Purpose


The goal of this installation is to visually demonstrate the importance of every small action by each individual members of the community. It allows individuals to understand that they’re a part of something bigger than just themselves. It provides everyone with a sense of belonging knowing that others in the community are also facing similar feelings and situations, without having to begin any profound verbal interaction. The objective is to make the members of the community feel safe and at home. In the end, not only will the audience be able to appreciate the changes and growth the installation has gone through but the display will turn out to be a beautiful, abstract, visual representation of information and data.  This experience should also provide an opportunity for users to self-reflect while being able to share their feelings without verbal conversation.



2/ Poem Wall Prototype


After the first set of user tests, I 

realized it would highly functional to add another layer of interaction. After taking the card of the lightbox, users can now go to a separate wall, find their corresponding words and find a poem written by a student poet at Emily Carr. They can be torn off. 


The Layout

What started out as a wall, has now grown into an experience. 

With 3 separate interaction, this concept would function best as a room to room experience as it provides privacy and guidance. Instructions are available in every room in GIF format. 



In the beginning, the provided instructions were completely in words. I know, by learning from a separate game design assignment, that users are less inclined to read, and are more likely to understand through visual instructions. 


Video Scenario

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