BumbleCheck was conceptualized following a period of extensive research on child-centered care. During the short 4 months, the project has explored various areas of user experience design. At this stage, BumbleCheck has briefly explored a general user journey, UI and visual design as well as ergonomics.


Starting Fall 2019, the project will undergo further development including researching, testing and prototyping in visual design, service design and industrial design.

Rigorous Sketching 

After laying out the different areas we could employ child-centered design, I sketched some ideas. It was an insightful step for the BumbleCheck project and it also allowed me to briefly explore some other topics in CCC I could visit later on.

I decided to explore the two glucose monitor concepts in more depth. For the next

3 months, I would be designing and developing a system based on these two sketches. 

Paper Prototype

This low-fidelity prototype allows for testing. It was utilized during various parts of the development of this project. 

Interface Exploration

Exploring some potential interface features, displays, etc.  

Check out the full process book for an in-depth look at the development of BumbleCheck.